About Cernova Australia

We are an Australian neurotechnology business at the forefront of development and application of wellbeing and predictive safety management tools for both employers and individuals.

Lying at the core of our vision is a desire to make a tangible, positive impact on the lives of individuals in the workplace by supporting and improving their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our cutting edge technology features the OSCAR neuroscience algorithm that uses artificial intelligence / machine learning to generate predictive insights into areas where targeted training can be applied to increase the likelihood of employee safety in the workplace.

With a prediction accuracy of 98% our neurotechnology offers unparalleled insights into the area of mental wellbeing and can reveal lead indicators where targeted training and benchmarking can be applied to improve the safety mindset of organisations, teams or individuals. The technology provides instantly actionable results, allowing users to easily and effectively self-manage their state of wellbeing and resilience to increase engagement and focus in both their professional and personal lives.