Resilience Testing & Improvement

Through the incorporation of a specific wellbeing algorithm, OSCAR can measure an individual’s (user) exhibited level of mental resilience.

Using a visual colour interface, the resilience test provides a measure of an exhibited level of resilience along with an informative tip sheet based directly from the user’s responses.

The tip sheet provides examples of behaviour to be mindful of should stress or pressure rise, and how the individual may recognise these and take action to reduce stress or develop their own coping strategies.

Resilience results can be mapped to observe trends helping to keep an eye on maintaining healthy brain function. 

Over time, these results aid users to better understand their management of stress and can provide warnings of the potential for ‘burnout’ or ‘breakdown’ if experiencing on-going high-pressure situations.

Cernova resilience testing includes access to the neuro resilience program where users can participate in neuro exercises and engage with the Soundscience relaxation tools. These tools promote deep relaxation states in the brain for optimum sleep quality and can be accessed through the application on a mobile phone .

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