Predicting Safe Behaviour

Featuring OSCAR AI


OSCAR stands for Optical Spectrum Computer Aided Robotic.

OSCAR is an algorithm based on colour choices and their predicted behaviours. It was built from in-depth research in colour neuroscience and psychology (valence theory and brain associative network theory).

OSCAR recognises existing neural pathways that underpin safe working behaviours and learns by comparing actual behaviour with safety outcomes during its predictive period. This machine learning has enabled it to achieve a prediction accuracy in the 99th percentile. 


The Science behind OSCAR

In the brain, when light is reflected from coloured objects, it strikes the retina in our eyes and the wavelengths produced are converted into electrical impulses. These impulses pass into the part of the brain that rules our hormones and endocrine system, which is instrumental in controlling our moods and behaviours. Unconsciously, we adapt to these stimuli which influence our impulses, perceptions, reactions, and importantly our subconsciously-driven behaviours.

The predictive safety focus assessment provides a score or prediction of the likelihood of the worker remaining safe through the direct actions of the individual in an environment where they have the ability to maintain influence and achieve a safe outcome.

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