About Cernova

Cernova is an Australian neuro-technology business which combines modern neuroscience research with the power of AI to measure and improve mental performance, enhance fatigue management capability and predict behavioural safety performance.

How We Work

We work with clients who understand the limitations of the traditional safety management methodologies and are seeking to achieve the next level of human safety excellence.

Cernova was formed through the collaboration of our three partners who brought together their in-depth understanding of the workplace safety systems and people management processes with the latest developments in colour driven behavioural neuroscience.

Cernova’s vision is a desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives through the improvement and support of their mental and emotional wellbeing. We achieve this by providing leading neurometric assessments and training techniques that help to relax and develop the brain over time to optimise its functional capacity and peak performance.

neurometric assessment

All of Cernova’s assessments and testing are neurometric, not psychometric. Psychometrics are based on theory and multiple questioning which can have significant drawbacks in terms or the accuracy of any results.

Neurometrics, on the other hand, is the science of measuring the underlying organisation of the brain’s electrical activity. The bio-inputs (test responses) come directly from the user’s subconscious which makes our assessments 100% bias-free. This is one of many differentiators that make Cernova uniquely different in the field of human performance assessments and improvement.


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