The neuroscience of wellbeing

Improved Human Performance and Predictive Safety Behaviour

Cernova offers the worlds first neurometric assessment tools to improve performance and wellbeing, mental resilience and physical employee safety in the workplace.

Resilience Testing

Cernova's key products use a visual colour interface to provide an understanding of exhibited resilience levels.

Fatigue Management

Receive real-time identification and prediction of safety focus, concentration and fatigue levels.

Predictive Safety Behaviour

The OSCAR AI algorithm was built to recognise relationships between colour choice and safety behaviour.

Measure and Improve Resilience.

Cernova’s resilience assessment provides a snapshot of your current resilience along with guidance to support better management of our internal state of well-being. Understanding how resilience affects us is the key to knowing how to convert pressure into performance rather then stress. Cernova provides practical applications to help develop resilience management and combined with the Neuro Resilience Program, achieve improved sleep quality, and increased mental performance.

Mental Health Safety Management.

Cernova can provide a better understanding of your internal state of well-being. Resilience is our bio-marker and understanding it is key to managing the build-up of long term stress. The assessment tool provides practical applications for users to both develop and improve mental resilience for better focus and concentration.

Increase Employee Wellbeing.

The Neuro Resilience Program is designed to enhance  mental performance, promote effective sleep patterns and help support a stronger state of emotional wellbeing. Cernova tools help users be the best version of themselves. 

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