At Cernova, we’ve developed a world first neurometric wellbeing assessment program to improve mental and physical employee safety in the workplace.

Our vision for a safer workplace

Mental Health Safety Management

Our online technology assesses and develops the mental resilience levels of employees to improve performance at work and minimise the build-up of any residual long term stress. Our assessment tools provide deep insights into how individuals can develop and improve mental resilience for optimal external focus and increased productivity.

Improve Employee Wellbeing

Combining AI, neuroscience and bio-data inputs, Cernova provides actionable solutions for improving and maintaining peak mental health and resilience levels for your employees. Either online or via our App portal, users can track, measure and re-balance internal stress levels easily and confidentially from the palm of their hand.

Science Based Safety Risk Predictions

Cernova creates visibility into the unknown. This leading edge neurotechnology provides behavioural safety predictions based on biological data. Through OSCAR-AI (Optical Spectrum Computer Aided Robotic) specific safety programs are designed to interpret psychological safety patterns and ensure employees are able to maintain their external focus on the job at hand improving safety outcomes at work . Let us show you how you can reduce injuries and safety risk in your business whilst improving employee engagement.

A New Way of Understanding Safety Behaviour

Let us show you what drives us

Our Neurotechnology Provides

1 %
Accurate Safety predictions

Measure an employee’s predicted likelihood of remaining safe at work 

10 minutes
to complete the Assessment

Assess your teams anywhere without downtime

Discover the Benefits of Modern Science - Cernova's Predictive Safety Program

Be supportive

Partner with us to gain highly accurate insights into early warning behavioural factors that may be critical to personal wellbeing and the safety of all team members whilst they work under your existing workplace safety management plan.

Be Ready

Purpose designed for application in high risk and high stress environments, our product and services will help ensure your employees can maintain focus and concentration on appointed tasks safely whilst performing at their peak mental capacity.

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